AOLootLogger is an app that allows you to keep track of itmes picked up during ganking/zvz sessions.
Remember to check out: #❔lootlog-faq for installation instructions and F.A.Q.

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Discord Servers List

List of most popular discord servers related to Albion Online.
You can also submit your own discord server if it meets requirements.
More info at: #📌ao-discord-servers-list

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ZvZ Acitvity Tool

This tool allows you track attendance, keep an eye on inactive players and improve your parties for ZvZ.

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Regear Manager

Coming soon
Season 13


Check last posts by SBI's staff posted on albion online forums.

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Discord BOTs and hooks

Albion Online Server Status

AOSS Bot is monitoring Albion's Server status and ping specific role or everyone on status change.


Simple Regear bot that helps with regearing guild members.


DoorKeeper tracks your members joining/rejoining/leaving. It makes easier to manage ranks on discord for people who just joined/left the guild.


Killbot tracks kills and deaths of guild members.


Simple bot sending summary info about battles happening within alliance/guild. | SomeGuy#1337